Zlarin #1
Last week I was staying on the island, called Zlarin, which is situated in Croatia. Frankly, I like photos to speak for themselves but I might still say a word or two 🙂 Basically, island is not far from mainland- it may look and sound like it is but not really (twenty minutes drive by boat/ship). It has a village and there are lonely houses all over the island. Cars are not permitted and this is the reason you’ll see almost everyone on their bikes or motorbikes, even in golf club cars. Even if you’d want to transport a car with you, streets are just not wide enough for a vehicle. Beaches are maybe not sandy but you get used of that quickly. Water is at its warmest early in the morning, later on is kinda cool but that’s just perfect when you’re sweating in these hot days 🙂 I loved staying there and would definitely stay there again. 
I’d really like to know where your favourite summer spot lies, a spot you’ve visited long time ago or recently? 


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