Valencia Photo Diary
It was two weeks ago when we left for Valencia. We were deciding between Barcelona and Valencia but as we did our research mostly on the latter, we said we’ll have time for Barcelona some other day. We visited everything we planned and some more. Our exploration started with wandering around the city. First destination was Mercado Central (Central Market), the largest covered market out there. It was incredible to see such large space full of people. Everyone was buying something, even us- that was when we tried out our first Horchata: Spanish local drink of tigernuts which has a taste you can’t find anywhere else. With only a few buildings away, we visited Lonja de la Seda, a building dating from Middle Ages in which many merchants did their business. Continuing our jurney, our quick next stop was Parroquia de San Martín. Someone was interesting in seeing the architecture of this church from inside and we arrived just for the daily ceremony; that’s why we didn’t linger around. We rather passed Valencia Cathedral and head for a drink on Placa de la Verge

To sum up all the parks we’ve been into… I’ll start off with the biggest one and by far the most famous one: Turia Park, a park where a river once flowed. The city centre is surrounded by this park almost fully, that’s what makes this park the perfect place for a walk or a recreation. Second park we’ve been to is in fact Botanic Garden– you can see many plants there, from trees to cactuses. It is like a little oasis in the middle of the city. Leaving the best one for last, it is actually a ZOO park, called Bioparc. We visited it on a weekend because prices are thirty per cent cheaper then. That explains the enourmous line to the entrance. 
Leaving the best for last, we visited the seaside one day (some of us more than once) which was not crowded at all and I admit, I expected a lot of people. It was also windy but the water was nowhere near cold. There we indulged in their famous paella, another spanish dish. A perfect way to spend the day. I have to mention that there was a lot of shopping and I will show you mine in one of the upcoming posts. For now, let’s mention one more attraction and that is the famous Cuidad de las Artes y las Ciencias. We visited only one part and that was Oceanogràfic which acts like an aquarium. I’ve never been to an aquarium so I only had a brief expectation. My sister and I were interested most in seeing the dolphins and we were also lucky enough to see them swim and perform in front of the crowd. 
If you ever plan on visiting Valencia I would recommend it to you. The city isn’t enourmous but big enough for you to see many interesting places and if you’re not careful you can get lost too. But no worries here, people are very friendly and will do their best to help you point in the right direction 🙂 
Until next time, 
xx Maja


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