With Love From Paris | Look #1
Paris. Five days. Three travellers. 
That’s how last week started. I spent five days with my sister and mum in Paris. They visited it for the first time and I was there eight years ago. So I figured it was time to see it again. We departed from Venice Marco Polo airport on 25th September and after an hour and a half long flight, arrived in Paris Orly. 
Day one started immediately when we checked in and left our luggage in the apartment. We freshened up and headed towards Montmartre on foot. We walked for about half an hour and I knew then we will have an everyday exercise such as this. We climbed the stairs to the Sacre Coeur where we entered the basilique to admire the architecture inside. Several pictures were taken outside and on our way up (that is one of the reasons we always needed so long to reach a certain spot). We didn’t mind. We have plenty of memories and I am already choosing which pictures will I get developed and what size of an album I need to buy. 
I wanted to show the rest an artistic part of Montmartre and headed towards Place du Tertre. You could see larger crowd here, admiring people’s work and some even posed to be drawn. It’s mesmerizing to observe artist’s work. Uneven strokes of a pencil making a picture come together. Some artists even talked casually with their models, not being distracted at all. The end work still came out perfectly. 
Second day started early and at a much closer destination: Museé d’Orsay. Originally we didn’t plan to stay very long but in the end we got lost in art for a few hours. I don’t need to say we took time to take pictures, snaps and insta stories. Posting and keeping up with social media platforms take time, no matter what everyone else says. 
We continued towards Eiffel tower (on foot) and after security check, climbed the stairs to the second floor. I cannot imagine the view on the third floor but the view expanding from the second was breathtaking and I am not exaggerating.  Looking at the shots from those photos are amazing and to get the photo of an entire tower, we headed down to the Jardins du Trocadéro and posed for quite a few photos. On almost every step, hehe. 
At that time, we were pretty much starving and went to Pizza Hut, half way down to Arc de Triomphe which was our next stop. My sister and I kept searching for a wifi and can you imagine how hard it is to find a wifi in Paris? All were locked and some that were for wider public required a sign-up. On the other side of the Arc, at the beginning of Avenue des Champs-Élysées, we sat down on a bench and posted our daily snaps. With a better conscious that folk was finally updated with our trips, we gladly continued down the Avenue. We stopped at Sephora to buy a few beauty bits we’ve been eyeing on french Sephora website. But I will talk more about it in a separate post. 
I will leave my Paris trip at this point and on Friday I will continue with day three, four and five. 
I wish you all a great week ahead. Until next time, xx Maja


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