Addicted to Paris | Look 2 & 3

Day three started later than planned and even if we only had a couple minutes walk to Louvre museum, we stayed there a few hours. Which meant we were going to be a bit late for lunch. Imagine the hunger after all that walk (if you haven’t been to Louvre- it’s Big) 😉 As you know the drill from the previous post, we stopped million times to capture photos from every.different.angle. Oh, tourist life. Or just internet/social media generation. 

Our apartment was very near and that day we ate inside. We had a busy afternoon ahead and rushed quickly out of the door. We followed towards Ile de la Cité and turned to Rue de Seine where we saw more interesting and adorable little boutiques. When we reached Le Jardin du Luxembourg, we walked through it, snapped some photos and looked for empty chairs to sit down. We came prepared this time and brought snacks with us. But by that time, our legs hurt so much from all that walking! And we weren’t done for the day! After what may be half an hour, we got up and went on Rue Soufflot. You could actually see Panthéon from the gardens and that’s where we went. 
There was one ‘lucky’ event that day. The hour was late and couldn’t see Notre Dame after Panthéon but we still continued towards the same direction because there was something else nearby. The famous English-language bookstore in Paris, Shakespeare & Company! The moment I saw it, I knew it was special. The exterior reminds me of old bookstores, something from an old movie and the same is inside. A couple of people already means a great crowd in that small space but the atmosphere was amazing and relaxed. I recommend it to all book lovers if you don’t mind a little crowd. 
How long and exhausting travel posts can be! But I like getting all out on the paper (blog, in this case). There are just so many things to see and I get to revive everything while writing. In the future I can do posts such as “What to see when in….” or “5 Places to eat while in…”, what do you think?

Talk to you soon, 

xx Maja
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