Chateau de Versailles in September

Fourth day was said to be the most beautiful of the entire week and we specially reserved it for a trip to Versailles. Soon when we arrived we were surprised by cold and wind. I wore a jumper but it wasn’t enough as I dressed up for a nice, warm day. Every now and then the sun peeked through thick layer of clouds and those moments were precious. And then, later on, a beautiful day started to (finally) show. 

We immediately wanted to go through the palace first and then take time to explore the gardens as I told the others they were absolutely magnificent (I fell in love with them at first sight when I was there last time). We admired the interior of the palace and wondered how kings and queens used to live there. It was told many things got lost in the French Revolution but it was still beautifully decorated. 
As the noon drew closer, more tourists started to come. That was the time we were finished with a palace tour and stopped by Ladurée as it was Leja’s and mine wish to finally and for the first time try their famous macarons. I’ve already mentally created a list of ‘must-do things every time I’m in Paris’ and trying out Ladurée macarons is worth the expense. 
Then we stopped at Angelina’s stand in the gardens and tested some of their pastry. With a chocolate chip rolls we continued to a path we’ve chosen and followed it to Le domaine de Marie-Antoinette (Petit Trianon). Both Leja’s and mine opinion is that this place is more interesting and cozier than the Château. And the gardens are lovelier and more private. I suppose ‘cosy’ and ‘private’ are big features to us. I wasn’t here last time and I liked the atmosphere. It was also an easy access from there to the Farmhouse I wanted to see because I didn’t get to see it last time either. Unfortunately, the Farmhouse was under a restoration but we loved the surroundings of other old, adorable buildings and the pond. 
You can literally get lost in landscape- there are paths leading to every direction and without a map, it can get tricky. Which happened to us when we were returning back to see Grand Trianon. Luckily there was a man (worker) nearby and helped us out (thank you!). From there we easily reached our next destination and it all ended too soon when we had to turn around and leave for Paris. We agreed that next time we need to reserve an entire day for the gardens (we saw only one quarter of it and the time was three p.m. when we left). 
I am most certainly in love with the gardens and could so easily spend an entire day there without knowing where the time went. I will gladly visit it again (and again and again and again) 🙂 
Wonderful day lies ahead, 
xx Maja


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