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DermEden DD Cream has been praised a lot which at first got me thinking: “Isn’t every product supposed to be the best of the best?” Especially today with many blogs and vlogs raving about almost every product they/we get which is how products are presented today at the market. They change from shelf to shelf quickly, they come and go and they have to keep the standards up. The competition is quite insane and being adverse is almost impossible. 

Being told that DermEden Daily Defense Cream was a universal product, containing high SPF (mine has SPF 25 but you can find fifty as well) and was a great barier against daily pollution. Even better was the information that the same product was made for every women out there. It means that DD Cream doesn’t come in various colours, nor in various packaging for different skin type but that there is only one product which can be used and shared by your group of friends if needed. (However, there are also options for normal/mixed or dry skin only). 
Another sceptical question arose here. I tried out a few products before that claimed to be for all skin type but that usually excludes sensitive skin, no matter what it says. So, with all my questions in mind I reluctlantly but hopefully tested it out. I got a small amount of product out first on the back of my hand and found its consistency to be thick but very light weight (almost fluffy). It is beige-white and has tiny pearls inside, with different colours that supposed to adjust to your skin tone. When I spreaded it out, you could see the product was nicely blended and adapted to my tone. 
It reacted well on my hand but when I applied it on my face, the story remained successful but slightly different. The colour pigments managed to adapt there properly as well but the coverage was poor to medium. I could still see most of the redness around my nose. This doesn’t bother me now though because I think the beauty product is meant to be worn as a primer before your full foundation routine (unless you wish to wear it by itself). It does an amazing work of moisturizing throughout a longer period of time which is very welcomed for me. 
Have you come across this DD Cream before? 
Thank you for stopping by, 
xx Maja


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