My Latest Beauty Purchase: essence and Avon
False eyelashes 
I never satisfied my curiosity of wearing false eyelashes even though they’re constantly mentioned and worn by others. Just for the fun, I bought a pair of ‘lashes to impress’ in 03 half lashes from essences and a lash glue. I didn’t know one comes in a set in a mini size so I bought the full version as well. I applied them on twice already but not even once did they stuck. Neither glue nor lashes met my expectations. When I’d get the glue on and waited for thirty seconds, I had difficulty with getting them as close to my lashes as I can. And if by any chance would succeed to apply them correctly, the ends would stick out no matter how hard I tried to hold them in place. I had extra layer of glue applied just on ends and everytime the same story would happen. I think they’re too unbendable to shape them around my natural lash line. Since this is my first ever purchase of falsies, I said I’d give another try to individual lashes (maybe I just need a different kind of falsies to get it right) so I’ll keep you posted in the near future. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Jumbo eyebrow pencil
Maybe it’s me but I think everything about makeup that comes in bigger size, makes life easier. No matter what it was- the big oval foundation brush or jumbo lipstick pen, it has won me over (so far). I have faithfully been using brow powder duo set for my brows but since I got this ‘make me brow’ jumbo eyebrow pencil, I’ve switched up my makeup routine. I will continue to use both as I only need two strokes per brow to finish my look in both cases; it is only a matter of preference I have that day. 
Transparent powder
A reason behind this choice was simple: instead of purchasing a tinted compact powder and being dissapointed when coming home and noticing it’s not even the right colour, I turned to transparent ‘all about matt’ fixing compact powder that does the exact job as the rest; sets the foundation in place and matifies too oily foundations. This one was marked as a fantastic product by beauty gurus I follow loyally and they were right. For the prize, it’s an amazing powder. 
Avon Supreme Nourishing Lipsticks are the new thing at Avon. Incredible consistency design (see the photos) and rose gold packaging is something to add to collection. Even though I have a few nude colours, I am glad when I get moisturizing ones. Avon Nourishing lipsticks feel buttery and glide on easily. With nude lipstick (Nurturing Nude) I don’t get enough pigmentation but applying an extra layer is not much work. Supple Magenta, however, has enough pigmentation and also has a slight shimmer. 
Left: Subtle Magenta* // Right: Nurturing Nude* 
(*PR products)
I am already choosing my next beauty purchase; do you have any recommendations? 
Also, previous week I posted only one post and this week will be the same. However, from next week on, you can expect two posts per week, as usual. 
Have a nice week! 
xx Maja


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