What I Wore to Avon Event
Rushing around and packing things for Nรผrnberg was the day when I received an invitation from Avon to join their presentation of a new range Mark. in collaboration with Nika Veger. I remember writing a quick reply to expect me in a week before leaving to Germany. This passed weekend, I was tired and my mind was away from upcoming event. Only on Monday did I realize I have something to participate in.
Avon welcomed us in a salon with drinks, all the makeup products from the range were displayed around the room and there was even a model on who Nika tested some of the products. As usual, at first there was a camera attack on all of the displayed goods. We were waiting to get our turns to snap several photos at every possible thing. The only thing I regret was that I couldn’t see properly when Nika was doing model’s makeup. That’s what means being a little one in a crowd of taller girls (and frankly, the podium was what enabled to see anything since almost everyone was standing on it). In the end I was capable to take a photo of a model and her ombre lips look (darker red flowing into a lighter shade). I gave myself a reminder to try it at home. I count on finding time and talent for it. ๐Ÿ˜›
It was great to meet fellow bloggers (check out their social media links here: Anja, Lana) and even though I was held there for two hours time passed quickly. I wonder what my next event is going to be [dreamy eyes]. 
You can expect Avon’s range Mark. which is going to be bold and daring and full of vivid colours, at the beginning of March. What I’m amazed by is that you cannot see what hides in a plain but chic black and white packaging. It is only when you open it, you get a surprise. 
Have an amazing weekend! 
xx Maja


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