10 Recent Beauty & Makeup Items I Purchased

Getting a gift card is always welcomed but I know even if I got a small or big amount on it, I will still get overboard with my purchases. Especially when it comes to makeup. I managed to buy only what I needed the most, with one exception that was on sale and I was curious to try it (since it was a hair product of a brand I trust).

I am a faithful user of essence, there is no denying it. I own a brow duo set powder since forever and not too long ago I purchased a jumbo eyebrow pencil (see it here). As if I don’t have enough brow makeup sets, I dearly wanted to own an eyebrow gel. For those who don’t know, my most precious part of the face are my eyebrows. Hence the need to test or buy brow products. I know this is a haul post but I am proud to say I have tried it out and was satisfied with the application and durability. It has a wet feeling when applying it on but it dries out and stays in place for a long time. To top off my brow collection, I purchased a spoolie from Body&Soul for combing my brows before applying anything.

Since we started with brows, I can continue in order and move to eyes. When I was in high school, girls used to love applying black eyeliner on their waterlines. I am incredibly happy we have moved forward because I think we were quite limited with makeup back then. Today it is popular to use white, grey or beige eyeliner on the lower waterline and black or brown on the upper one. This is actually the look that suits my eyes the most. I picked up essence longlasting eyeliner in 01 Say Hi Light which is a gorgeous mix between light pink and beige. It looks amazing on but my eyes tend to water too much when I wear makeup and if you’re facing similar problems, I am happy to say there is also a waterproof option.
Remember when I bought my first ever falsies (see the post here)? The application was making me problems and I decided to get individual ones. The application with these is time consuming but is more effective. I need to practice a lot before I can consider myself a falsies wearer. The newest palette in Catrice section is Copper eyeshadow palette. All the shades are shimmery ones and are pigmented not only on arm when doing swatches but on the eyelids as well. There are nine shades in total, two separated from the others for highlighting (inner corners) and conturing (crease).

Not long ago I was part of Avon presentation for their newest range Mark. that you can read more about here. Upon leaving I was given a goodie bag with a few products to test out. Let me get first thing out- the packaging of the products is beautiful because it is so minimalistic and monochrome. The face primer I used so far was only on naked skin, without testing it further on with foundation. Consisteny of the primer is thicker and seems as if applying a face cream but once on, it dries out quickly. It may be good on combination to oily skin but I feel it may not be for dry skin.
I am an advocate of Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage concealer. It has been my holy grail ever since I discovered it. It is no wonder to find out essence made their own version (essence is a baby sister of Catrice’s, depending how you look on it). The coverage is pretty similar and the shade as well but let me tell you; there are only two shades available and both are lighter shades. For me that doesn’t represent a problem but it may for those with darker skin shade.
Uoga uoga in Lithuanian means berry berry. I found that out in Nürnberg organic cosmetic fair when I was there. There it was this stand, with black letters written Uoga uoga and on display it had several makeup products. As far as I recall, the brand is a huge success in home market and is trying to expand furthermore. As a souvenir I left the stand with a blush sample (which isn’t so small) in powder consistency and a beautiful dark pink shade. The lovely representer told us to apply only a tiny bit as it’s highly pigmented which I can confirm. For more information, you can visit their site or you can visit ecco verde website (Slovenian or international) as it is an intermediary seller of their products.

Lips & Nails
Both products here are from Avon and I am very content with both. I am already wearing the nail polish (in a shade Rain Washed) which needs two coats of application and I wore lip gloss (Sugar Shine) yesterday. I never wear lip gloss, you know. I have an ugly habit of biting my lips and that is difficult to do when I have a sticky lip gloss on. So it is a good thing to have one at hand. 😊 Especially when it smells so good.
Avon Mark. come out yesterday if you’re curious to check out the range.

Thank you for reading.
Have a lovely day,
xx Maja


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