Tripping in Idrija
Instead of travelling for a few days and far away to a different country, this weekend we chose Idrija area to explore. To think of it, you can find treasures nearer home you haven’t discovered yet. We chose Idrija county because there are several sights closer to each other and we planned to see a few.

We began at the Gewerkenegg castle (translated ‘mine castle’ from German) where The Idrija Municipal museum stands. It was originally built in 16th century for the needs of storing the mercury mine. Later on it housed schools, residents and was renovated in baroque style in the 18th century. Part of the castle hides a music school and Memorial room of France Bevk, Slovenian writer. An exhibition of Idrija lace can also be visited. It holds a significant value for that part of Slovenia; first mention of Idrija lace dates back to the year 1696.

Out trip continued about 30 km further on on a local, winding road to homestead of Slovene writer France Bevk. Small countryside house is a perfect example of a lifestyle in mid 19th to mid 20th century. Inside, separate from the household chambers is a stable, big enough for a couple of living stock. Next to it is an entrance to a two-bedroom family home. The first thing you enter is a meter by meter big entrance hall that leads to a living room. It has a table set with a bench, meant for gathering and dining. Speciality of such houses is a tiled stove that provided a good heating energy for the room. Kids used to covered it with straw in the evening and sleep on it. Two beedrooms were reserved for parents and grandparents. For the time, every generation lived in one housing.

We saved best for last, Franja Partisan Hospital, a good 15 km away but were unfortunate because it was closed. You have to make an appointment and I wonder how much was saved from a flood a few years ago. I wanted to see it anyway so we will have to return in a couple of months when the weather is warmer and the river calmer. 

Where were you on a local trip lastly? 
Happy Friday!
xx Maja


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