Travel With Me: One Day, Three Cities | Italy
On Saturday I had a whole day reserved just for the touristic activities in the neighboring Italy. After a four hour drive we arrived at a location that holds many beautiful places, amongst them were Torri Del Benaco, Sirmione and Verona that I went to see. 
Torri Del Benaco
Early in the morning we had a fresh start in Torri Del Benaco, a small town by the Lake Garda in Italy. The place offered quite a few sights even with such a small settlement. We started our journey from Castello Scaligero that hides The Scaliger Castle Museum. The castle itself was restored a few times before and today’s appearrance was built originally in 14th Century, in place of older ruins. That makes it more than seven hundred years old!

Part of the castle is saved for lemon grove. It was said the lemons cannot prosper in cold winter and this innovation makes it possible to do so. I enjoyed the view upon the lake and the history of the town. Main town square hides a church, named after St. Pietro and Paolo (Chiesa SS Pietro E Paolo) that lies in Piazza Chiesa. In the same square, on the right from the church (if you’re facing the church) is an old tower, named in honor of one of the lords who lived in the county at that time. The tower came in handy at first for storing goods and crops. Since I enjoy Italian cities and think of them as a perfect places to have endless walks in, I went for a search of something to grab for breakfast. I stopped at Dolce Samy e Anna bakery for a croissant filled with chocolate (makes me hungry just to think about it!). If you’re ever in a rush or want a quick snack, I suggest to visit this place. They have many choices of baked goods and I am sure you can find something for yourself. 
 Castello Scaligero
Second town on the agenda was my
favourite part of all three. The town is situated at the very end of lake
Garda, on the peninsula that sticks out quite far on the lake. We immediately
went on a boat tour to see Sirmione from a different view. We drove under a
bridge that connected the peninsula from the land. As we passed under, we saw
Rocca scaligera right next to us. I don’t remember seeing a still Garda lake
and neither was that day. The waves and the wind was strong and I advise you to
wear a scarf. The boat ride is an entire different experience and I recommend
it if you have a chance. At the very end lay ruins of an ancient residence,
called Grotte di Catullo that has seen magnificent days. You can walk to it and
see it in close up. If you do, don’t forget to stop at the Aqua Termale
Pubblica, a small thermal pool, created to catch hot thermal water from an
underground water spring. To finish the tour, stop for an ice cream, especially
on a hot sunny day.
 Rocca scaligera
In the afternoon, we arrived in Verona and by that point we were already tired. The city itself has many archeological sightseeings. We started from the outer city walls that were built later on as a second layer. Porta dei Borsari is the first city wall or a part of it, hides further in the city centre, where once was the biggest road connection point. Our first city stop was Piazza Bar in which you can see a few monuments and of course, the biggest sight there is Arena di Verona. They still hold concerts there which must be superb to be a part of. 
Piazza Delle Erbe is a place not to miss when in Verona. Visit the market there, full of souvenirs as well as groceries. Take a photo of Fontana Madonna di Verona and have lunch in one of the restaurants by the square. I’ve sat down for a pizza (of course) in Lamberti restaurant. If you’re lucky, you can stumble upon unoccupied first row where you can enjoy the hustle of the people. 
With full tummy, head under the Arco della Costa to Piazza dei Signori where a statue of Dante is standing. From there head forward on the Via Santa Maria and Chiavica street where you’ll see Santa Maria Antica and Scaliger Tombs that served to Scaligeri clan. Up close on the fence you can see symbols of iron ladder which is the meaning/translation of their Della Scala or Scaliger family name and was their emblem or insignia. 
Just around the corner on Via Arche Scaligere stands Casa di Romeo. It is said that the Montecchi family (Romeo’s family) truly existed and so did Julia’s family, the Cappello family. What they cannot prove is the existence of the two lovers and it is believed they were only a part of Shakespeare’s imagination. Even so, the most popular spot in Verona is Casa di Gulietta where you can see many love notes on the wall upon entrance to the courtyard. Don’t forget to avert your eyes to the famous balcony where Juliet was leaning on when listening to Romeo’s serenades. 
 Arena di Verona
Have you been to Verona before and what was the most influential sight that left an impact on you? 
Have a nice day and a good start of May, 
xx Maja


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