How to Set Up Your Goals | Monday Motivation
Short term goals
I know I am efficient with shorter time range setting goals because they’re close to achieve and I won’t get bored with the same routine again and again without seeing the results soon. So admittedly, those are the goals I know I will accomplish for sure.
Let’s say I need to know what to do this week in order to prepare for Friday’s exam. I will make a table of hourly schedule where I will fill in the time I have for studying and what chapter I will start with and how many I need to cover until then. Once I set up the time and the pages to learn everyday, I set up the mind to follow the plan. I allow myself free time in between the studying so I give my mind a break and to recharge. And most importantly, I stop when I overexert myself. I know it won’t do any good if I can’t focus. The pages I scroll, won’t count as ‘passed’ because I took no notice of them. That is why it is fine to finish beforehand. If you didn’t meet today’s goal, it is possible that you planned too much for the day. You can still meet the outlined outcome.
See how you’ll use up your time most productively or creatively. Have in mind what are all the things coming up and prepare for them. What do you wish to achieve now and what do you wish for in a month or so? Keep up with all the work and check off those that were accomplished. Continuously set up new ones so you can grow personally and create an opportunity for things you couldn’t do before.
Long(er) term goals
In this category, you need to set your eyes further ahead and see what is in the near future. You have a chance to win a job promotion? See how much you can help the company you work for and how much work you can do to enhance the company’s competence. Once you contribute your time and passion into it, you can create a file with all the actions you helped gravely so the management can see what a successful part of the projects you are.
I personally need to break down the one year plan and create week-to-week and preferably monthly plans to follow the progress. First, I’d do miniature goals and follow those as a short term goals. At the end of the period or at the end of each month, I’d see what were the results and if I need to put more work behind my actions. What didn’t happen? Did I had enough time for a specific goal?
To go over this paragraph, you need to follow the action plans. Once you set up a goal, also set up an action plan. What will your certain objective be and how will you do it? What are the means you will use to get closer to the finish line?
Every month see and compare the results. See where it went wrong, did you put enough effort to it, did you had enough time for this specific goal and did you put your mind to it?
Usually when you set up a goal and create a step-by-step plan on how to reach it, you’ll have a very high chance of getting it. You do actually have to follow your steps and add new ones if you see it fit better. Taking ‘action’ is the biggest part of goal setting- you have to sacrifice your time, sweat and maybe even money to climb up the ladder.
Get rewarded. If it’s difficult to stay motivated during the action, set a reward every now and then. If you plan on loosing weight, follow the diet and exercise passionately and at the end of each week or two, get a gift for yourself- it is up to you to decide best what the gift will be. Either a calory bomb in a shape of a cheesecake or a new pair of sunglasses- they at least won’t tempt you to eat them. πŸ˜‰
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How do you plan your goals? What kind of a routine do you follow?

Have a successful week ahead!
xx Maja


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