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First day of summer is here and with that I have a new post for you. First of all, I have a good reason for being MIA. Yesterday I had taken last exam ever! And I was putting all my energy into it so I could pass. The results aren’t here yet but the thought of being so close to the end of this era is indescribable. When I look back and think that I (like most of us out there) went to school for twenty years! It is impossible to imagine life without it as I am waiting for this final thought to really sink in- I know it will hit me maybe in a year or two but definitely not now.
When you’re attached to something for so long, it also takes longer to detach from. Soon I will (unfortunately) face the problem of unemployability and will probably struggle with getting a contract for an indefinite period as older generations are used to. We (young ones) are facing a completely different job market for which no one prepared us for. And as they loved to remind us in the Uni- you can either adapt or sink under the overweight supply of activites that are easy to copy. Will you stand out or get lost in the crowd is up to an individual. I only know now I am facing the biggest challenge and with well spent time, opportunites and wit I can start making first steps. 
(I did a separate post on Summer nail polish

I get over carried with thoughts easily and I like to write it down. But I won’t torture you with my personal updates anymore and will jump into the Avon’s pink and summery products that I’ve had on to-do list for some time. Like you know, I am always happy to add lipsticks to my makeup collection, more than anything else. This time, Avon’s generously sent three matte lipsticks which shades couldn’t be more perfect for summer! I admire creamy application, its consistency isn’t as matte liquid lipstick to take for comparison- these are easy and smooth and don’t feel drying at all. Which is a plus obviously, who would want patchy lips and in summer too? 
A little squeak came out when I pulled bronzing pearls out of the bag. The only bronzer I am putting on my face for months now have in fact been Avon’s bronzing pearls (see my post on it) I received a year ago. At first I wasn’t convinced but very soon afterwards I found myself using it every time I applied full-on makeup. My current one is called ‘pink bronze’ and this one is ‘radiant glow’. Radiant glow has more pink in it (the names should be switched, right) and it shows on my face too so I am planning on wearing it as a blush first until only bronze pearls remain. 
What are your go to summer makeup products? 
I will write to you again this weekend. Stay tuned on instagram for my daily updates. 
xx Maja


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