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Hi there.
I am back from two weeks of vacation and while I’ve been good and posting regularly, I have also had time to explore the nature as well as city attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Originally, I planned a two-day trip but since the circumstances wouldn’t allow us, I managed to squeeze a long trip into one day. Keep reading to see where I headed… xx Maja”

First stop was the heart of the country becuase we planned most of the roadtrip on the south and here is where we started. The capital is definitely something you need more than a couple of hours to see but as it was only our stopping point, we quickly walked through Baščaršija which is the old part of town where narrow streets are hiding with stone paved paths.
Jablanica lake was what I originally wanted to see but believe it or not, it was impossible to find a way to the lake bank. So we continued by the lake to Jablanica town and stopped to see the ruined bridge on the river Neretva which was a deception in the Second World War to distract the opposite side to avoid being seen carrying the wounded to the free teritory. 
Buna river spring
Near Blagaj hides Buna river spring, coming out from a cave. Right by the river there is a historical lodge, a guest house and a mill, built in front of the cliff, as if it is one with it. You can find quite a few restaurants here but we only stopped to dip our feet in the water which was freezing. Comparing to the heat we had that day, it was very refreshing. 
The city Mostar is mostly known by its sport- jumping into the cold Neretva river from Stari most (Old Bridge). We did encounter a crowd on the bridge to see an individual getting ready to jump but it was impossible to see anything (I recommend going to the river bank- there is a café with tiny pier that offers best view). The old part of town is completely covered with stone- stone pathway that is actually quite slippery, stone houses and even stone roofs. The streets here are narrow but very charming and it would be sad to miss it. 
Kravice waterfall
This is what I call mini Plitvička jezera (Plitvice lakes)! It is an oasis, hidden in the midle of nowhere (see the photo). The place is enchanting and we got there right in time for the sunset when people were almost scarce and I could snap a lot of photos without too many distractions. The way there is a little tricky but totally worth it. 
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I hope you liked my visit recommendations. 
Thanks for reading, 
xx Maja
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