Monday Motivation: 5 Things You Can Do This Winter to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Rut

Technically, it is still Monday in some part of the world and I love the series so much I had to keep the title (however, next time I will post it on time). I like spreading positive vibes but don’t think I am one happy little bird all the time. We all have downtimes and that is absolutely all right. Right now, our northern globe is facing shorter days due to changing of the seasons and it is a routine where we like to ‘drop dead’ as soon as we walk through the doors from school or work. It is four pm and it’s already twilight outside. It is normal to think that we get extra energy when the sun shines upon us. It’s as if we have our personal power bank. πŸ˜‰ Still, unless you’re a night bird that loves this time of the year, you’d want to stick to some changes to get through. 

1. Evening routine
Whenever I get home, I perform my evening routine- I don’t wait until the clock hits nine pm. If you have errands, like running to the grocery shop, do those right after work because not only will it save you some time, it can save you gas too. The time when you come home, should be work and errands free, apart from the work in the house. It’ll help you relax better.

2. Hit the gym

Or go for a walk. I personally don’t like the gym but workouts at home is what makes me happy and give me a great boost for the day. If for some reason you don’t like to exercise, you can take time for yourself and do some thinking in the nature while you’re taking some fresh air.

3. Reading or learning
This time is the best time to extend your knowledge and pick up a few books. It can be anything from a novel or an encyclopedia, both give your brain a successful activity. You can stick to light reading if you’re not fond of learning from the books while you download an app to enlarge your education. It can be any topic, but these are some of my recommendations. 
Foreign languages
Duolingo – you can choose German, Spanish, French, even Russian and others. You get separate exercises that you need to finish but those chapters will slowly empty away if you don’t renew them. This way the app forces you to come back to the chapters you haven’t done in a long time so you don’t forget what you’ve learned. Clever, right? 
Vocabulary Builder – this one is specifically meant for English words and it is an excellent way to expand your vocabulary. For example, you get a difficult word you’re supposed to guess by choosing the right answer from multiple given options. 
DailyArt – if you want to learn art, this app has over thousand artworks to learn about, from the name of the artist to the short story behind the masterpiece. There is another app that allows you to play guess-the-art or the artist: Famous paintings
Who doesn’t like quizes? These three are all about that: World Geography, World History Quiz, True or False Quiz
4. Find a hobby
Unless you are an extremely busy person, this may be difficult for you but the winter is perfect to occupy yourself with many things. It is up to you to do what you like the most. Maybe you love reading or painting or you are like me who re-discovers baking sweets every winter. Gingersnap cookies are my favourite, how about yours? 
5. Join events
Open carnivals and concerts are usually reserved for summer but winter has a whole new world out there. Winter wonderland is everywhere and you can be a part of it. Find the latest ballet programs such as The Nutcracker or Swan Lake. You can join the ice skating pals next time you’re in the city and don’t forget to try every hot chocolate flavour out there. 
What is your favourite activity you can do only in winter? 
Do you have any interesting learning app recommendations
Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja
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