Winter Clothing & Skincare Preparations

I couldn’t be more excited for the holiday season. We’ve already awoken into snowy morning- twice so far- and christmas lights and decorations are everywhere. December has been hectic when it comes to Christmas shopping and getting around pretty much anywhere- the crowds are bigger every year and I am glad I am spending it quietly in the comfort of my home. Hopefully you are all set for Christmas and have everything prepared, from dinner to gifts.

Winter clothing
This month had a few very cold mornings and cosy and warm winter clothing were always necessary. I admit, one day got me surprised when I wore three layers on while it was actually warm outside. That was the only day that caught me overdressed. Still, the best way to get into winter is by winter jackets and you can see my two favourite at the moment in today’s post. 
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Boots, warm thermo leggings and tops, knitted hats, gloves and scarves are a part of a winter armor if you want to survive the season. Jackets and coats are the piece you will want to invest in- there are plenty of beautiful options out there but look for ones that are impervious to winter. 

Winter skincare

My skin needs an extra care in this time of the year as it experiences harsh changes. I will always highlight this tip but drinking plenty of water hydrates your skin best, from the inside out. The same goes for your lips- you can see the changes for yourself if you try and stick to this habit. 
I still apply face cream (at least once a day) to keep my skin in check. Currently the one that has proven very helpful in these winter conditions is from apothecary actually and it’s called Bepanderm- it’s intended to relieve itchiness and redness of the skin for anyone who is prone to dermatitis, dry skin, eczema and allergic reactions. Unfortunately you can only get this product in Slovenia and Croatia. 
Serums and oils are the next thing necessary to use in winter. Luckily, I don’t have the need to use it everyday but I do apply it at least once to two times a week. For extreme measurments I turn to face masks last- these tend to do miracles when nothing else can and so far they’ve always worked. 
Have a nice week ahead! 
xx Maja
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    1. Hehe, sometimes in this time of the year I wish I should go to the southern globe for the change of the season and enjoy warmer weather instead πŸ˜€

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