New Year’s Thoughts

New year’s here and I hope you all spent a lovely time with your friends and family. 2017 has been a challenging year. It has taught me a few things that will prove to be of use in the future as I don’t like to make the same mistake twice. 

1. Nothing lasts forever
Nothing, really. When you live in the comfort of your current well-placed situation and home, you are living in sort of a bubble, unaware of the things happening outside your front door. This ignorance makes us unaware that all of this could one day end. It can mean that a certain person can suddenly be gone out of your life forever or that your financial status can decrease or dissapear. As these things tend to hit us suddenly, it comes as a great shock and it is good to remember and appreciate them more often.
2. Procrastination creates more procrastination
Unfortunately this one is fatal to me. I need such amount of work on my hands to keep me occupied and it will create more work for me but if nothing’s on the agenda, I will face a risk of having nothing done. 
3. Educate yourself
I am technically not quite finished with my master’s but only a master’s thesis separates me from the degree. However, last summer I’ve finished all classes and seminars and while I was very much glad of it, I didn’t allow myself to go on without any other sort of learning. Even if that means to read a new novel or see an educational video on YouTube and as long it keeps increasing my knowledge, I’m satisfied. 
4. (Re)Discover new things
There are three things I am passionate about: drawing, writing and learning new languages. I had an enourmous gap between years since I was sincerely focused on any of them. Last year I made a firm goal to try to go back and start again. I realized it was tricky to get back on tracks because my abilities were a little rusty but with each attempt to draw or write or learn, I managed to improve. 
5. Don’t shut yourself out
Whenever I come across a difficult situation, I tend to shut myself away from the world until it passes by. I am a grown-up now and problems today aren’t short-timed and unimportant as the ones I had when I was younger. Hiding away doesn’t make problems go away, they are only postponed until you realize it’s best they’re dealt with. 

As you can read from the post, I wasn’t facing exactly a great year. Most of these lessons are personal that I had to (some I still do) go through alone but if you ever find yourself in a problematic situation, wait until the first wave of worry and panic leaves, then think it through. Clear head offers good solutions. And don’t leave your friends and family out- let them in especially if they can help you, even if it’s only by sharing your burden. 

What is the crucial thing you learned in 2017? 
I wish you a good and peaceful new year, 
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  1. Nauฤila si bitne stvari, ja sam isto za to da uvijek uฤimo bez obzira na diplomu, u danaลกnje vrijeme se treba stalno usavrลกavati… Divne fotkice!

    Mene je osobno 2017. nauฤila da neke stvari ne mogu ฤekati i ne smiju se odgaฤ‘ati.

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