50 Blogging Ideas for Post Writing When You’re Feeling Stuck

I don’t know about you but I sometimes struggle with coming up with new ideas to present on my page. There are plenty of fixed posts, for example Season Trends if you’re writting on fashion, or Monthly Favourites for pretty much any other category, that can save you brainstorming. On the other hand, we all have those days when we just can’t think of anything new to write about. With these blogging ideas I am hoping to bring some of the inspiration back to you. 

1. ‘It’ colour this season and how to style it. 
2. ‘Not your style’. Try coming up with an outfit that isn’t your style and give it a review. Does it look good on you and how do you feel wearing it? 
3. Copy the look. This one can be similar to the previous point but not necessarily. I mean, the copied look can still be your signature style, only clothing choices can differ. 
4. Style icons. Who inspired your love for fashion? 
5. Favourite store this month. 
6. Vintage pieces. Have you kept anything throughout the years? What is it and do you still wear it? If not, how would you style it today? 
7. Office appropriate outfits. Find different job positions and how would you style outfits around them? 
8. Budget friendly outfits. Make it a challenge and do 50 € outfit challenge. 
9. Shopping advice. When you shop, what are the rules you like to follow? 
10. Accessory collection. 
11. Drugtore vs. High-end beauty products. Can they compare? Find ones that are similar to each other and write a review which one is better. 
12. 5-minute makeup challenge. One, two or three minutes; as much as you like. Try this challenge and see how successful can it be. 
13. Guilty pleasure. Is there a product that you have a weakness for? For example, I can rarely resist cute packaging. I know, lame. πŸ˜„
14. Do a story. When was the first time you started using makeup and what was it? 
15. Suitcase challenge. You can name it differently, but let’s say you have only space for three products in your suitcase left (considering that you only haven’t packed makeup products yet). Which makeup products do you bring with you? 
16. 1 product, how many uses? Try finding a product that can have as many makeup uses as possible. 
17. Morning/evening routine. On YouTube you see a lot of those but not in photo/writing way. How much time do you need to get (un)ready in the morning/evening? 
18. Monthly favourite makeup brand. You can also try going for favourite new find makeup brand. 
19. ‘Vegan-only makeup products’ look. 
20. Wishlist. Are you exited about upcoming products? Which ones are they? 
21. Playlist. Share your Spotify playlist or the new songs you discovered. 
22. Book reviews. Which genre is your favourite? 
23. Compare films with books. Which films are as good as the books they were based on? 
24. Homeware haul. Are you redecorating your flat? What caught your eye in stores? 
25. Stationery haul. 
26. Workout routine. Maybe share your story how you started working out, which type of exercise you find most effective etc.? 
27. Share the love. Make a list of your favourite bloggers and/or Instagram accounts. 
28. Attending an event. Did you went to see a play recently, an exhibition? How did it impress you? 
29. Inspirational posts. What makes you happy? What do you do/read/listen to for uplifting your mood? 
30. Get personal. You can always write a story that made a big impact in your life, or 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me or anything similar. 
31. Dinner date recipe. I know Valentine’s Day is past us but that doesn’t mean romance is gone too. Do you have an ideal dinner planned for two? 
32. Secret recipe. Does your mum keeps recipes your grandmother or maybe even great-grandmother used? Share some of the family recipes. 
33. Cookbook review. You bought a cookbook recently? Give your opinion on it! Do you recommend it? We all love good cookbooks. 😊
34. First impression. You stumbled upon a recipe you’ve been dying to try out? Do just that and keep notes on it. How easy did you find following the recipe? Was the result the same as promised? 
35. Kitchen appliances. Name anything that makes baking, cooking, cutting easy and was of great help to you. 
36. Restaurant reviews. Do you live in a place with plenty of restaurant options? Wouldn’t we love to know which ones are the best… it makes the search smooth. 
37. Cooking celebrities. Who got you into cooking/baking; your mum, tv show, YouTube channel or were you simply born with such passion? 
38. Simple and easy. Cooking can be time consuming. So why not sharing easy-to-make breakfast ideas or 5-ingredients meals? 
39. Groceries. There are many of those who love grocery shopping, myself included. Especially when on the lookout for new food. So why not spilling out where you shop? Do you have a favourite store for vegan food? 
40. Healthy comfort food. Okay, we all got to a certain point in our lives where we had to deal with difficult times and friends can offer a shoulder to cry on, but we were also guilty of consuming comfort food, right? You can present a healthy solution for chips and save us weight gain in the future. πŸ˜‰
41. Weekend getaway. Mountains, beach, spa- whichever it was, share the experience. 
42. Travel wishlist. If you’re a travel blogger and you’re currently at home- why don’t you write on places you wish to see soon? 
43. Wedding reception. Would you love to get married in a dreamy place? 
44. Travel Instagram accounts. All those magical accounts you follow on Instagram… who is your favourite? 
45. 1-day trips. Share your nearby trips you’ve made in the past and which were memorable.
46. Tips on travelling. If you’re pro at it, why not giving out a few advices? 
47. Travelling apps. Which apps make travelling easy? 
48. Budget friendly trips. Or you can make a challenge and do 200 € three-day trip, for example. 
49. Spontaneous. Did you ever had those? Where did you go and how come you’ve decided to go? 
50. Nature vs. city. Write an article on exploring museums and camping on the other side. What did you learn from such diversified surroundings? 
This list was fun to make. These are only ideas, of course and you don’t have to follow them precisely. If you have some other ideas to share, please write them in the comments, I’d love to hear more. 😁
Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja
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  1. Odlični su svi ovi prijedlozi, u biti uvijek imamo o čemu pisati ako dobro razmislimo, samo nam nekad mozak zablokira ili nam ponestane inspiracije. Kada mi ponestane inspiracije, vratit Δ‡u se na ovaj post da se malo podsjetim.

    1. I meni je tako ponekad. Ideje su uvek negde u nas samo ih moramo pronaci 😊 ali takvi postovi gde su ideje na jednom mjestu su samo potrebni da nas podsjete na to 😊

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