5 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down or Sad

Feelings are part of us, otherwise we’d be machines. We all want good feeling to last and bad ones to disapear as soon as possible. While it’s healthy to cry sometimes and let it all out, we do want to feel better eventually, right? These are the five points I like to follow whenever I’m feeling down, but feel free to add yours in the comment section. 😊

1. Smile. 

According to The Science of Smiling (written by Merle), act of smiling is proved to be a great tool to deal with stress. Even if you force yourself into smiling, you trick your brain into thinking you’re happy. You may also unconsciously look for pleasant moments from your past to keep the spirit up. So, whenever you’re sad, lift corners of your lips up until you start to feel better. From then on you’ll smile naturally.
2. Talk to friends or write down your negative thoughts. 
Sharing your mind with another person helps you loosen the tension you feel. Talking or chatting via messages is a good way to pour your negativity out of your body and mind. Another way of steaming down the pressure is to write down your troubles. In addition you can add positive thoughts or solutions to your problems.

3. Take a breath. 
Before you act, try to calm your thoughts by drinking some tea for calmness, relaxation or purification. At the same time you can press play on countless YouTube videos on inspirational talks. I usually listen to motivational speeches such as Ted Talks but you can find anything that suits you and your problems.

4. Exercise or walk it out. 
Exercise is also another scientifical proof that increases level of dopamine in your brain. An article The New Science of Exercise (written by Oaklander) says exercise is beneficiary to the brain- it can lead to less depression, better memory and faster learning. It is believed to be crucial to health as well- it can not only give your skin better and healthy glow, but can improve your eye health and also acts as a great preventive (or delay) against diseases such as Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

5. Take an afternoon off and do what you want. 
If it’s the middle of the week, it is highly likely you’re in school or working. In such case, once you get home, cancel all your plans for the day and spend it how you like. You can indulge in an ice cream or do something crazy, like ziplining. But you can also pet a dog or a cat- that too was said to have calming effects on both; the human and the animal. 😊

What is your top tip for overcoming an obstacle to happiness? 
Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja
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  1. divne su fotografije, baš si slatka u snijegu. Odlična kombinacija, sviđa mi se rusak.

    Imamo danas istu frizuru i ja sam uplela tako pletenicu za šetnju večeras….a kad smo kod teme, mene nekako lijepa šetnja najviše opusti, to mi se čini kao dobar način za opuštanje.

    Slažem se i za tjelovježbu, onda dokazano pomaže…naravno ne treba pretjerivati, ali u pravilu dobro je baviti se sportom, plesom ili bilo kakvim oblikom tjelesne aktivnosti.

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