What Means Being an Introvert + Common Presumptions People Make
I admit, until recently I had no idea the definition of such two types of people existed. It would make my life much more easier when I was growing up and feeling almost like an outcast. Today I know it is simply who I am and you can’t change the core of who you are, right? 
So what is an introvert? In my own words (but feel free to read more about it in article What Is an Introvert?) an introvert is a person who loses energy after spending time when socializing and needs to recharge by spending quality time alone. Unlike extroverts who ‘feed’ on socializing and get more energized by hanging out with friends and colleagues. (I’m relying the last part to be true based on articles)

When I was growing up, especially in elementary school, I had children around me always ask me the same questions like “Why are you always so quiet” or “Why don’t you hang out more“. At the beginning I was simply astounded by such questions. I thought, “Am I not allowed to be quiet or what”, even at that young age. With time these questions became more and more irritating. Mybe it was beacuse I always had a little stubborn personality but I never felt compelled to believe I needed to change, not for long anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I did feel out of this world as if I didn’t belong with the kids my age and at the time I liked being around grown ups who, unlike children, never interrogated me with silly remarks. They simply brushed my quietness off as being shy. Until I started growing up and went to high school. 
I wasn’t a typical teenager. Far from it. My school mates loved hanging out after school and on weekends. Partying was starting to imprint on their blood… you know how it goes. And that is ‘the doom’ for someone like me. Surely, I went out a couple of times but I always needed an entire weekend to recharge. Not from hangover, not nearly. That I don’t consume alcohol like it’s water, has always been my personal choice. But I always came home low on energy. Being alone was like a phone charger to me. Pieces of my mind would glue itself back, my spirit would rise and I’d feel much better after some “me time”.  
When you are a kid, you expect your parents to know you. I feel extremely lucky to have my mum and my dad as my parents because who else would know you better than those who raised you? After some time, they realized I wasn’t a crazy party maniac and I think they felt a little relieved. However, from time to time they would ask me why am I not going out more but mostly out of politeness or wishing that I wouldn’t be so alone. But I never felt alone. Either of my parents aren’t very sociable and they keep a company of old friends and family whom they feel comfortable hanging out with. 
Not all grown ups understand everything. Unlike my parents who have seen me grow up, others don’t get to know me so much. Today still, I get asked questions why am I like this and ‘advices’ on how I need to be and what I should do more and so on. It would be funny and ridiculous if it weren’t so (damn) annoying. Honestly, I’ve heard it so many times and while I turn my ‘deaf ear’ to it, it isn’t something you want to hear at all. Especially if it comes from extended family members. With proven research and articles coming frequently out on both parties (introverts and extroverts), I am hoping such common mistakes people make on introverts will soon become the past. 
Now I would love to hear your opinion on this topic. I’d like to know which type of person are you and did you ever question your personality because you were a little bit different than the rest? I feel this topic could be expanded to much more and I might come back to it eventually in another post. 
As always, thank you for reading and sharing your opinon, 
xx Maja
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  1. Jako zanimljiv članak i da mislim da je doista tako, da ima ljudi kojima treba to neko vrijeme nasamo da si napune baterije. Kada sam bila djevojčica, kroz cijelu osnovnu školu zapravo, imala sam potrebu provesti barem sat vremena nasamo. Obično bi tada gledala Animal Planet i pisala svoj dnevnik. Moje prijateljice iz zgrade je to jako iritiralo jer je tada bilo normalno da se djeca igraju cijeli dan zajedno pa im nikako nije bilo jasno što mi znači 'taj sat'. Inače bi sva djeca iz ulica često visila kod mene doma jer su jedino moji roditelji dopuštali takvo nešto. Bila sam uvijek za druženje, ali trebalo mi je to vrijeme nasamo. Mislim da mi i sada treba taj sat…i nisam neki tip za izlaske. Volim izaći na večeru, ali s obiteljskim prijateljima, nikakve zabave, gužve, tulumi, i izlasci toga tipa mi ne odgovaraju već jako dugo. Imala sam taj neki period, ali u tineđerskim danima, već kao studentica nisam uopće izlazila na taj način.

    1. I ja sam bila kao dete 'živa' i glasna i voljela sam da se igram. I kao kod tebe, ja sam se odjednom udaljila za koji sat (ili dan) pa su djeca odmah bila začudena pošto to niko drugi nije radio. Sve što sam bila starija, nekako sve više sam trebala vremena za sebe. I ja ne volim buku i galamu, tj. te izlaske u klubove; ali sa svojim društvom da izadjemo na koje piće ili večeru mnogo više volim.

    1. They're actually old and have not been worn for a couple of years. But since they're back on trend, I thought why not bring them out again. 😏

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