3 Sneaker Trends You’ll Want To Wear This Spring

With such a quick and surprising turn of the season, we can finally get our lightweight shoes out. I already have a list of at least five trendy shoes I’d like to wear this spring and right now I am bringing to you 3 trends of shoewear we all love to wear- sneakers.

Pearl trend has been going on since previous summer and honestly, it can hardly be called a trend since pearls are a mother of classic in fashion industry. You can find them on different sorts of shoewear, including sneakers. While you can find sneakers with pearls sprinkled all over them, I find a small touch of pearls just as effective and mesmorizing, if not more. Pink sneakers I’m wearing are from EtiketaShop, where you can find white ones too.

Scarf interlocking

Would you like to switch from laces to something more… eye-catching? Silky scarves are acting instead of laces at the moment (laces are still here though). Zara is quick to pick up on trends and bring them just as quickly to the stores. That’s how I came across this beautiful trend. What’s so amazing here are not only the hues in the scarf but also a bow detail in the end when you lace the shoes up.

Change the lace

Have you noticed shoewear with a different colour of laces? It makes them truly pop, and it’s such a little detail with a big impact. You can now shop shoes that are price approachable and they’re usually in form of sneakers. Bershka has started with a few selection on their website, offering red gingham laces (how cute! πŸ’–) in one of their options. Printed shoe laces are out there as well- you only need time to find which laces suits your style better.

Pink sneakers

Details can make a great change in a look. Which of the three selections you’d like to try to wear? 

Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja
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