What To Wear? 5 Summer Appropriate and Breathable Textiles
Are you amongst those who hate to think (or wear) of sticky garments in hot summer where your skin gets limited air and is suffocating in all that sweat? Soft, light, breezy and breathable clothing is a must-have to survive summer without uneccessary disturbances. 

Cotton is a natural fibre used to make a breathable textile. It is the most widely used natural fiber cloth in clothing. Interesting fact is that it can be dyed several times and it can be ironed at higher temperatures. It is washable but be careful- it can shrink if you put it in a dryer so air-drying comes in handy, especially in summer. 
“Soft, light, 
breezy and breathable.”
Linen is a textile made from the flax plant and dates from ancient Egypt. It is extremely lightweight and provides greatest breathability. It wrinkles a lot due to lack of elasticity but it can lose water quickly when drying. However, it is best to hang dry it. Linen too, can be ironed at high temperatures and can shrink a little. 
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This is one of those fabrics that often gets confused with denim- it looks like one but it is much more lightweight. Chambray is actually in a way cotton and the same instructions of care apply to it. 
Silk is produced and extracted from the cocoons of silkworms. Silk production origins from ancient China and became a major industry. It is smooth and cool to the touch and has poor/medium elasticity. 
In summer I like to go by a quote: 
“Less is more.” 
Do you agree? 
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Rayon is actually artificial textile but can imitate the feel of silk, cotton and linen. It can be dyed and machine-washed. It won’t absorb/percolate moisture as good as natural fibers but it is still lightweight and great in the sunlight. 
It has been a summery week and this post might come in handy to all that are yet to do summer shopping or thrifting. I am excited to finally experience sunny days this year. 
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Have a beautiful week ahead, 
xx Maja
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