Pearls, Plaid And Polka Dots
It is going quite outside the box if you dress up in mixing three different patterns. It was done subtly so none was overshadowing the other and it turned out rightfully balanced out. Plaid is quite visible but so are dots on top, however even if pearls are in minority and you see them on shoes and bag, dots play a little trick into stopping and think if they are actually pearls sewn onto a top or actual dots. If you come close, the difference is obvious of course. Still, a nice combination to try out.
In full bloom this year, tailored and neutral plaid must have caught your eye. If you’re stocking up on plaid, you can search for anything from office wear to dresses and style it accordingly. Try going minimalistic: a) if you only add a little amount of plaid in shape of an accessory, or b) if you decide to wear a full suit, then leave the accessories to a minimum. The suit itself can be enough. A girly or flirty way of styling plaid can be done if you wear a dress or a skirt. If it is a dress you are going for, then wear high heels but the same can be said if you’re wearing a skirt. However, try styling a flowy, crop top with elegant embroidery on. 
In my case, I kept pearls at minimum, otherwise they’d get lost or it would overwhelm the entire outfit and make it a disaster. Black canvas for pearls worked brilliantly because of the same coloured top and the bag was kept in the same outfit tones- as the grey plaid trousers and a hat, that is. 
Polka dots
Again, black canvas turned out great beacuse of the contrast it made against my skin but also due to easier styling. Since plaid looks quite like a labyrinth, it is good to keep other patterns simple and in my case, sparse. Dots on the top aren’t so close and they avoid being an eye test which is what would it be, should I have chosen something extravagant. 
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My  advice in case of meddling with more than two patterns, is to keep it simple, similar and free of extra accessory than necessary. 
Which advice would you give? Let me know in the comments below. 
Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja
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