101 Blogging: 3 Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

First blogs were different in what you see today. The popularity of writing a blog is immense and to have a successful blog, it is considered to have quality writing and presented visual media such as photos, gifs or videos. People started writing because they wanted to share snippets of their lives and the community they attracted was small but like-minded. 

1. First step: one reason why you want to start writing. 
It may sound odd to some of you but you can tell when someone has a blog purely for commercial purposes. Okay, at the very beginning you cannot have sponsors already. But at some point, once emails from companies start coming, some people would accept every one of them solely for the purpose of money or mere products they’d get. Such blogs are soulless and have no real meaning for anyone in particular. I can turn on the tv and watch commercials whenever I like.
Instead, I choose to read blogs that bring value into my life. Sites, where I can read something that is helpful, motivational or educating. When you decide to create your own blog, choose to do it because it brings joy to you personally and because you know you can bring importance to others. 
2. Technical bits and what are they good for. 
Maybe you’ve come across words such as SEO, keywords, domain, html code etc. Reading them for the first time can make you think: “What on earth is all this for?” Well, believe it or not but it is definitely something that can help you bring more traffic. Sure, you have ‘good old’ comment for comment version where you leave comments on other blogs, hoping they may return the favour. 
On the other hand, you have Google search site where you can try to push your blog to the first search page. To do that, you need to follow certain rules on how to write content, use keywords, name photos and whatnot. You can find different articles on this matter and some of them emphasize article length. They recommend at least three hundred words, five hundred and some even a thousand words. You can try and see which suits you. Your blog may cover great content in which you can easily fit 1000+ words or you can have focus on things that demand more artistry and less writing. I personally like to have somewhere between 300 and 500 words that focus on fashion. 
Google search is also categorized on photos and you probably know this one: when you browse for inspirational photos of summer in Aruba, Google gives you selected options for those particular words and suddenly you only see pics for Aruba. Why? Because they are a) part of a great quality article that follows all the “high-ranking” rules and b) (which is part of a) really) photos are named after what they’re presenting so they can be found by anyone interested in Aruba. 
Next time you hit the “upload photos” button, make sure you name them after what they are showing. That can be the same as your post title but you can have bigger opportunity for clicks if you name them selectively. Let’s say you wrote an article on latest beauty haul. Feel free to name photos that way too (because that is what they’re representing, right?) or you can write on one: Maybelline_contour_stick.jpg or Garnier_micellar_water.jpg on the other and so on. This way your article will have a wider search range through your photography. 
3. Free platform vs. Your domain 
I used to have Blogger as a hosting site which meant my URL ended with blogspot(dot)com. Nothing is wrong with that and it is good because such sites host your blog for free (read: you are borrowing their space). Domain needs to be purchased and there is a lot of websites offering good deals. Check this article on Web Hosting for more refferences and reviews. 
Your own URL makes you look more professional although that doesn’t need to be the reason to switch to your own domain. The thing I wish I knew before is that the minute I switched to (name)(dot)com my site visits increased by 300%. By any means, I don’t imply that suddenly you will get so much visitors to your site but that Blogger must have somehow hid them. Not on purpose of course but because of that change, I have gained own statistics which was always there except now it belongs only to me. This part is still a little blurry to me but if I knew it before, I’d act sooner and make the change. 
What do you think of all these tips? Do you have anything to add? I’d love to know. 😊
Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja
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