5 Steps To Take Before Publishing A Great Post
When it comes to creating content it’s not only writing you’re investing in. Time to write a post differs from a style of a post, niche you’re writing in and readers you’re appealing to. The process to construct an article consists of many actions, and I’m sharing it from step one until I hit the “publish” button. 

1. Coming up with an idea
One thing is clear: posts don’t come up as a sudden inspiration in the exact right moment. You have to be ready for an inspiration- don’t let it past. I like to prepare articles in advance as they’re more “in the moment”, especially when you’re paying attention to external factors- current trends, news, lifestyle, architecture and others. In that case, posts need to align with those elements. One of the examples would be informing the readers on upcoming fashion trends for Fall/Winter or Gift guide for Mother’s Day. 
But inspiration doesn’t always come when you need it. However, with the help of certain websites or events, you can constantly search for one. A website on which you can never fail to find ideas for posts, is Pinterest. It is at hand at all times and it’s updated with new visions regularly. Other ways to look for post suggestions are perhaps hidden in magazines, online stores and even other blogs. 
2. Taking photos & editing
Once the idea is evolved, preparations for next steps is a must. Whether it is a post on fashion or home redecoration, there are some things better not to skip. Have in mind which fashion item you would like to show and will you style it. Get shopping for new pieces if you’re writing on upcoming trend. Then give it a little thought on where you’d like to take photos of a new outfit. 
Choosing best photos takes some time too but after a satisfing selection, I dedicate time to editing photos. Even if you have an amazing camera, it is very likely you’ll need to modify light, contrast and other basic editing. My recommendation is Adobe Lightroom if you haven’t got the hang on Adobe Photoshop. It is super easy to learn and is excellent to play with lighting and hues. 
3. Writing
The core of a post, as I like to think of, takes the longest time and needs to be well thought of. I strive for quality content and I try to give you best tips and ideas. After a research for ideas, you can write better posts with certain tools. Wordcounttools is amazing for counting words, assessing number of difficult words and estimating reading time. Another helpful site is Sharethrough for giving you scores on headline impressions and engagement. You can find tips on how to write better post titles and improve. 
4. Publishing 
Right before I publish a post, I go through it again, re-reading it and looking for grammatical mistakes. I check the photo order and make sure the linked websites work. Since I pre-write my posts, I schedule them for the following week. I keep a constant time of uploading as it’s easy for readers to know when to expect a new content. Select time that works for you and stick to it. Eventually it will turn into a routine and you’ll always have a post at the ready. 
5. After the publishing
The moment the post goes live, let your readers know about it by sharing it on social media or via email listing. Keep track of comments on the current content and reply to any questions. Let them know you’re not a robot and engage in conversations. 
How do you set to create content on your blog? Would you like to add a step? 
Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja
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