C’est La Life | Words To Live By To Better Yourself
“C’est la life”
Lately I’ve been putting a lot of inspiration quotes on Instagram I live by or at least I try to. The most recent one you’ve also seen in my previous post Social Media Madness And How Important Is It For You. Wisdom words have opened up another point of view in my life I try to follow because I believe everyone can be thought to live an open-minded life, grow personally and become the best version of themselves. 

As you grow older, some things become clearer and obvious and can be thought only through personal experiences in different situations. Theory becomes action and as the most common words say, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, proves how true that is. You can’t learn everything by reading it, you need to experience it too to truly understand it. Life is all about growing (or not!) and you alone can make a choice if you want to change the way you are, better yourself or fall behind. I am a strong believer in the first. See in which departments you lack and take actions to reform those inadequate features. 
I used to be nervous for no reason- I worried too much about anything- being late, my grades, my self esteem and the list goes on. I only needed to change my view on those situations to stop concern getting out of control. If I was anxious about tardiness, I simply started to ask myself questions such as: Is being late going to drastically change my life? Am I in a hurry to see someone’s last moments of their life? Will it hurt me? Ridiculous or dramatical as it may sound, these questions put me out of troubling myself. 
I have a bad habit of chewing on my lips when anxious and I would often cause them to bleed which was not doing me any good. All those questions stopped it. Instead, I thought more about how greateful I should be that I woke up and prepared for the day no matter how late it started. Small things should not be let to control our lives so profoundly. They don’t matter. Never have, never will. In a world where some of us have a luxury to get decent education, live moderatly and have everything within the reach of our hands, some can barely call their way of life a modest one. 
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Therefore, next time you panic about a little thing, ask yourself
“How much of an impact does it have on your life?” 
Thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave your view on “carpe diem” in the comment section. 
Have a nice day, 
xx Maja
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