3 Most Common Places To Take Fashion Blog Photographs
If you pay closer attention to my blog content or photos, to be precise, you will see certain backgrounds of blog photos on repeat. Leja and I have a few spots in mind whenever we need new blog content- choosing location can be time-consuming so having a list of favourite places is something I recommend doing when you are getting ready to take new photos. 

1. Categorize locations
Almost everyone has categorized blog and that does not apply only to fashion blogs. Whether it is a beauty focused website, or food channel, you can categorize your content into several tags or pages. Specifically speaking, if you own a fashion blog, you can talk about work dress code, festival outfit ideas or newest fashion trends. Based on your content, you should have a few different locations reserved for taking certain photos. 
To throw out a quick note, when you’re limited on various location spots, it is understadable you cannot go fifty miles away just to take a few snaps for a post type that is coming out every week. It is costly and may not work in your favour in the end. So, if you are a gal, living in a city, that means you have many backdrops to choose from. Have in mind when you’re presenting an elegant work outfit, go downtown and take snaps in front of all those business buildings or if you wear a flirtatious summer dress, head to the park on a beautiful sunny day. 
2. Weather appropriate
This one is pretty obvious but not everyone thinks about it. As soon as the season changes, it doesn’t mean you have to stop posting regularly just because you have no place to take photos. Being outside in a snow blizzard isn’t fun and can be pointless if you can’t take a single decent photo. Such situation can be saved by sneaking in the nearest cafΓ© and order a cup of hot tea. You will not only feel warm and ready for posing for camera, but you will capture a cosy atmosphere which will create the same emotions inside a reader who will look at the photos. 
3. Keep exploring
Even after you have made a fine selection of regularly visited places, don’t forget to explore further. You can find hidden gems in places you’d never thought of. It often happens you can stumble upon a beautiful spot by accident and the same happened to us recently. Take a half an hour after a photoshoot and just wander around. The more places you have ‘bookmarked’ the better. 
A quick tip: Have each place connected to the best visiting time. We both personally have in mind when we want to take photos (and the type of outfit we are shooting) to avoid big crowd or traffic. If the time isn’t most efficient- rush hour- we will still have a back-up place to go to in such case.

What are your tips when it comes to choosing a location for taking photos? 
Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja
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