Balancing Work & Exercise
It hasn’t been too long since I changed my workplace from standing-on-my feet-entire-day to sitting-on-my-butt-all-day. I don’t particularly root for either but I still believe the first is better since it offers better mobility and muscle flexibility. 

Instead, I am now dealing with incorporating enough exercise into my lifestyle. Eventually I would like to develop healthy eating as well but baby steps first. I have been actively working out from time to time but the situation now has brought up neccessary precautions- regular workouts. Three times a week is what I try to follow and the time limit is different. Since I am a beginner (sort of), I can exercise from 15 minutes to half an hour per exercise. 
During summer time, Leja and I started running once a week. I used to hate running in school. I was always the last, I had no interest in exercising (apart from particular sports) and it was even worse when I had to do it for a grade. Leja and I set our goal to 5km in one go. We are now to 4km and in only 8 weeks. We allowed ourselves to skip a week if needed. We never pushed ourselves too hard, especially because we are juniors. We went slow at first. Some days we feel we can do the run easily, sometimes we’re disastrous. But we don’t get discouraged. As the weather is still nice and warm, we will continue to try and reach our 5k. 
Exercising at home is more passive for now. Like I said, I do 15-30 minutes of home exercise every other day. I try to include full-body workout (did you know, running is actually great for that) or at least legs and butt workout. Those areas aren’t in much use when sitting so I focus on that the most. 
  “Begin small.” 
Basically what my point in today’s post is: begin. And begin small. I don’t exercise for weight loss but to stay fit and healthy. Everyone has their own preference in exercising so go out there and find it. Try each type of exercise a couple of times before you disregard it. It can prove to be the thing you actually love doing. (Photo via Pinterest ->)
Let me know if you have any tips on staying fit.
Thanks for reading, 
xx Maja
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