3 Signs To Know You Have A True Friendship

Whenever I look upon past years of my life, I adopted very few but good friends. I had been hanging out with different types of characters and in the end figured out which are good and which are less so. Luckily I never had any bad and insidiously friendships as I soon got the feel of who is honest and who is acting for the show.

Even as a kid, I was shy and more of an observer than a player. I adopted observations skills that helped me greatly in surrounding myself with those I felt comfortable with and exclude those who knew little or nothing to little of what friendships weights. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t talk or chat with others, it only meant we wouldn’t develop any higher attachment because of our differences. 
1. Approachment
There are two types of approachment that are very similar yet different if you pay closer attention. People that you easily connect with can be:

a) people who have the same views as you do and are of the same character. Those are the potential ones who have high chances of becoming great friends. Because another type of a person is very similar in the beginning, yet can be something entirely different after a while. Those I call: 

b) charmers. People such as these have a highly developed charm that can immediately and easily confuse everyone around them into thinking they are good, lovely and honest. If they can pull it off, you can read their true personality only after a longer period of time.

2. Conversation
This can be a great indicator if someone is on the same level as you- shares the same or similar views, visions and tastes. By noting this, you can ask specific questions first to see other person’s answers. Instead of saying all your views first, the other person can only repeat them just to agree with you. By asking and waiting for answers you’ll see their reactions and you can be the one to agree there where you share the same opinion.

3. Meet ups
Of lately, I am one of those who turns around and a month is passed. When I remember to meet up with any of my friends again, it can pass a long time before we see each other again, I can admit shamely. I would be in touch whenever something interesting happens though because by the time I see them again, I might forget what I wanted to say. The best part is no matter when I see them again, it seems like our partings never happened. It’s as if we’re taking up from where we left off last time.

We are all different and a true friend can be a rare find but not an impossible one. When you know someone for so long, in a way you are growing up together and you share the same habits and the same point of view. That one is a special person and definitely worth cherishing.

I’d love to know how easy it is for you to develop new friendships now compared to when you were a kid? 
Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja
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