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End of October brought a well needed vacation even if it was a short one. To escape everyday life and to go to a different country and live in another culture and lifestyle was what took usual stress away. I was able to completely surrender to a few days off and pretend I lived a different life. Here are my snippets of Ancona Travel Diary. 

1. San Marino & Rimini
Originally no stops were planned until we finished our five and a half hour drive to Ancona but we decided on a whim to stop in San Marino on our way. It was half an hour away from the highway and you could see the three peaks of Monte Titano even upon leaving the A14. Three peaks present three towers built in 11th, 13th and 14th century for defensive purposes. The view from any of the towers (the third one is not open for public) is beautiful and spreads out on hillsides in every direction. 
Rimini was by then a firm course we stayed on as it was time for lunch and only forty minutes away from San Marino. This characteristic town was historical rich in both culture and architecture and in this time of the year- it was free from crowds and tourists. It was idealistic time to go exploring. After a while we ended up at the coast of Adriatic sea and walked on sand to the water.

2. Ancona
It was already 6.30 p.m. when we reached Ancona. We stayed longer than planned on the road and had no time to explore the town on our own. However, we had a lovely host who drove us around town to quickly show us most popular spots. In roughly half an hour she did a self-hosted tour since she showed us a great deal of town. We still went and explore it on our own the next morning. 

First we took a bus to the seaside and War Memorial where we decended the stairs to reach the sea level. We decided to take a walk from the furthest way of town through the centre and take time to see the surroundings. As it was Saturday we had a luck to twine around the market on Viale Della Vittoria. It was filled with stands of old and vintage items such as hand made china tea sets to old suitcases, chest of drawers and even a set for fencing! It was a paradise for antique collectors.

We reached a bigger crowd on Piazza Cavour and Corso Garibaldi where all the shops were. And again, even here we found more stands, this time it was a clothing market. Instead of skimming through the clothes, we took a rest in Rosa Cremeria Food and indulge in cappuccino, brioche and ice frappรฉ.  
3. Outside of Ancona- Jesi & Portonovo
On our hosts recommendation, we took an afternoon to explore nearby towns, first Jesi which was adorable and small town but with too little to do. We took a walk through the centre and stopped for a creamy and delicious ice cream in Caffรฉ Vino Cibo. Our stroll on Corso Giacomo Matteotti ended with the view of Clementine Arch. 
Our final stop for the day was Portonovo, a place by the sea which is popular in the summer and filled with tourists. That day it was pure bliss since there were a few people walking their dogs and enjoying the sunset. A perfect ending of the day. 
Have you been to Marche, Italy? It isn’t much known among the tourists but I definitely recommend to visit. Towns are beautiful and romantic. Seek out the days such as end of October when it is still sunny and warm (one day we had 26 degrees and I was wearing a t-shirt!) and not so crowded. 
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