Update: Website changes & new upcoming posts

Welcome back to Maja’s Muffin! I am extremely happy to write this post. I went through a few website changes since the end of November. This website has been going under errors that complicated the entire process of redesigning. Unluckily I had little help from my website domain providor. I had to get an outside help to get everything from A to Z to work. After what has been a little over a month (!) I am now super excited to say I am back with regular posting hours. Needless to say, a couple of posts were already prepared to go up before December. I was sad to see that they are now outdated and could not be used. But I have other new posts to show you and that are ready to be posted.

Website changes went downhill.

Unfortunately, problems already started when I wanted to switch from Blogger to WordPress. I aleady had the base ready. The template for WordPress was all set up, posts transferred from one website to other etc. I only needed to transition domain from Blogger to WordPress. However, it was not done correctly or not to the website that needed to be done. I sent quite a number of emails and asked for an explanation if it this is how it should be. None of my posts are visible, the template is not set up and all the settings reset. The only explanation I got back is that this is how a transition works and resets everything back. This made no sense because they told me I needed to transfer all my posts before the domain transition.

The sun always shines after the rain.

Through my sister I got help to start from the beginning to where the website stands now. Not everything went smooth as I had to increase disk usage via my server providor a couple of times. For now that is a temporary solution because I will have to upgrade it very soon again. But the design is now at the level I am satisfied with. I will continue to improve this website and I will not dissapear from it (unless it is a construction necessity).

Thank you for sticking with me and I will see you in the new year! Happy 2019!



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