How You Know It Is Time To Make A Change | Work Edition

With every year I grow older, the time is passing by faster. That is a time to make the most of it unless you wish to miss out on most important part of your life- which is every day. In the past year I switched two jobs, made a few new friends and said goodbye to a couple. Since I have changed job positions I have witnessed four colleagues leaving the current company I work. Why? Because it has kept them away from growing personally and professionally. In this I give them my full support. Whenever I hear anyone talking ambitiously about their dreams and wishes, I encourage them to go for it. I am a firm believer in independence and that anyone can do what they love and love what they do.

Bad management or terrible work position? 

Maybe I am unucky because I always get a boss who is stuck up, strick, highly obsessive and controlable. Admittedly, I have worked a few jobs and I have switched jobs solely because of this reason. It is impossible for me to work somewhere no one appreciates you or your work. For me there is no trouble to move on when I see I am not appraised. Like I said to my friends, I will change thirty jobs before I turn thirty if I have to or as long as it takes to find a position I will feel comfortable in. To some this idea might sound crazy and would rather endure bad management that gather up the courage to either say something or leave. Ask yourself what is good for you in the long run?

Make a change. 

Before I left my previous job I made a promise to myself I will do something. I sent a long email to my previous employer with all the details of how the management was running our team. As long as there is someone above them, they could taste some of their own medicine. I was not afraid to sign the email even though I was speaking for all of my colleagues who left soon after me. It was a cherry on top of the cake. If that was not a perfect sign that something was not working, then I do not know what else could be.

Be the leader. 

I only want to point out that you are the leader of your life and you set the course. You can choose to be stuck in a horrible place because you think you can not find any better- which is absolutely never true- or you can spread your wings and let the wind carry you to a better scenery.

How do you feel in nowaday job positions? Do you think old school businesses should follow the lead of modern companies and let a great deal of independence flow amongst their workers? Let them work at their own pace, let them have a flexible work schedule, allow them work from home if needed or wanted or of course if that is the nature of a job position?

I will be happy to read your views on this topic.
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