How to take care of dry skin in winter time

Winter can be ruthless for the skin and it can get red and irritated easily. I am used to having dry skin all year round and I am over beginner’s approach to products that are rich in moisture and nourishment. It is crucial to know your skin and how it reacts to cold conditions.

No dry skin with hand lotions.

My hands are probably the most dry skin surface in winter and most exposed to it too- it can happen I only forget gloves at home once and I can feel the consequences almost immediately. Solution for that are hand lotions rich with oils and butter such as shea butter. My favourite hand creams are L’Occitane ones as they always heal my hands immediately.

Lip balms.

No one likes patched lips and easy way to avoid it is the use of lip balms. Here I turn my trust to honey infused products such as the famous Elanosol from Medex brand or the novelty for me- Nuxe Reve de Miel. It comes in a small glass pot and with the product inside enough to last me through two winters. The content is very buttery and glides on easily, leaving the lips smooth in almost an instant. I have to admit, this has been so far the best lip balm I have ever tried yet.

Face care.

Face is equally important part to take care of in winter. My skin gets very dry around nose, brows and temples. These are the areas I need to treat all year round but extra in winter. Currently I use cleansing gel by Nuxe and I have been pleasantly surprised by its gentleness towards the skin. This one too is enriched with honey and does not only do a good job of taking the makeup off but does not irritates te skin in any way and leaves it smooth. As for the face cream: afer the cleansing I use Nivea Urban Skin Protect day cream that is successfully keeping winter at bay.

Which skin products are helping you go through winter?

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