4 Winter Hats to Accessorize Your Outfits With

It’s hardly January but the cold is only getting warmed up (no pun intended). Besides that you can wear them with any look you want, there is a wide selection for every taste. You may prefer berets or wool hats, baker boy hats or fedora hats. I have rounded up options of 4 winter hats you can accessorize your ouftits with. Tell me which style of hat accessories you like to wear the most?

Wool winter hats/beanie

The original, simple and most favourable amongst winter hats are woolen ones. It is clear they are versatile and most warm to wear. Personally also great to save you from any bad hair day. As you can wear it inside too and pretend it is a fashion statement.


A classic gem of headwear is the always-chic beret. You can dress up any look with this fashion piece. If you are not much of a fashion risk taker, then choosing an item such as beret will give your look a better chance of standing out.

” it can cover most of your face and protect it against bitter wind”

Fedora hats

Another fashion statement are fedora hats that provide good coverage against bitter wind. Between you and me, I tend to choose them for days where I do not look my best and I wish to cover up most of my face.

Baker boy hats

This one is a comback from the 90s and this time it comes in better sillhouettes and options. Its versatility will make sure you can add it to any look- summer or winter. Choose the material accordingly and it can have you covered for the entire year. For example, corduroy is perfect for winter styling- I remember owning one years ago! I was so attached to it.

Which sort of hats you like to wear during winter? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great week, Maja

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