Best Pamper Beauty Products in Winter

Home in winter is the most cosiest place and I like to make it so by many different things. Even my beauty routine become more lazy-like and instead of having an emphasis on makeup, I like to feed my skin with plenty of oils and vitamins in beauty products. Particularly important is after shower routine when I get these pamper beauty products out of the bathroom cupboard:

Pamper beauty products for in-shower

Besides the typical body gel, oil, hair shampoo and whatnot, first and foremost pamper product I like to use throughout the entire year is body scrub. Right now I use Afrodita Pure Coconut and Oriflame Swedish Spa body scrub. It’s great to remove dry skin cells and it leaves an oily- greasy- residue after the use as a nice skin moisturizing finish. I still love to use a body oil or lotion as a final step of my pamper routine but more about that in the next section.

After shower

As written above, a fine greasy finish remains on my skin after a use of a body scrub- especially if it contains coconut butter or similar. When I dry myself with a towel, most of it gets off. I then reach for the current body oil I use- Nelipot Lublen. It is heavier on the touch unlike many other oils and it provides stronger skin moisturizing. It glides on smoothly and in thick layer which sticks on and absorbs slower into the skin but leaving it hydrated for a very long time too. I give it a solid 9 out of 10.

Another Nelipot beauty item deserves an appraisal. It is a deodrant in a pot, how interesting this sound? It comes in many different varieties, currently I have Basic and Unisex. No matter how peculiar it sounds, it is very easy to scoop the content out of the tin. With a small spatula, I get the product out and it melts down super quickly when I rub it in with my fingers. This one too I give a high mark.

Do you have a recent beauty find you would like to recommend? Let me know.

Have an amazing weekend ahead, Maja

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