Winter hair routine

How brilliant is it when you walk out of hairdresser’s with a new hair do? Well if you look realistically, between each visit to the hairdresser, you need to do best yourself if you want to look good. Taking care of your hair can be difficult unless you are lucky and were born with shiny hair that need little treatment. Here are the products I couldn’t go without in my winter hair care routine.

The rest of us reach for several products to obtain somewhat good appearance. I tend to struggle extra with taming my hair and give up a lot of times in that department. But to keep my hair healthy and smooth, there are five products I apply on my hair every washing.

The base.

Winter hair routine starts with using a hair mask: right now I have a big batch of Kallos Cosmetics Keratin mask. This too makes my hair smooth but I haven’t noticed any other results. Currently I am using Herbal Essences Argan oil of Morocco Shampoo and conditioner. The main ingredients I look for in a first step hair products are oils. My hair are dull and even my natural colour is somewhat greyish brown, uninterested. If you have coarse hair this duo will bring softness. I leave a conditioner in for a couple of minutes befre rinsing off. Silky hair granted. 

Hair treatment.

New on the market is Melvita Indigo oil to maintain the smoothness and tones of coloured hair until your next hair appointment.

Melvita Indigo oil is the new product for coloured hair I’ve been trying out. I pour a few drops from the dropper directly on to my scalp and rub it in, then leave it on for a couple of minutes. After I rinse my hair and towel dry it, I apply a generous amount of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Oil Treatment. Some seven to nine pumps, and I am not done yet. When I leave my hair to air dry, I apply some more oil. Similar amount, more or less. 

Hair styling.

If I choose to straighten or curl my hair or in any way use a heat tool, I necessarily apply Subrina Styling Hair Spray heat protector. I look out and try not to use too much of the product or else I’ll have damp hair. Try avoiding wet hair because it will not be grateful when using heat tools before it is completely dry. 

Oh, yes. Even here I apply a little more of hair oil and I am good to go. 

What are your holy grail hair products in your hair routine? I am curious. 

Thank you for reading, Maja


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