5 Winter Textures You Can Upgrade Your Wardobe With

Winter can be ruthless and with sudden temperature drop, it is best to be prepared and overdressed than not. Easily accessible winter textures you might already have in your closet and some you might want to add to it. This year’s obsession of mine has been soft teddy, and yours?


This 90s comeback trend of soft and warm texture comes in many forms of sweaters and colours. V-necks, turtlenecks or classic sweaters will make any look more interesting and more importantly- it will keep you warm.


This trend went huge this fall and is continuing its popularity in winter. Simple grey suits are replaced with monochromatic suits that can uplift your usual look with a sense of retro. Even if you think the suit can be a bit too much, you can change it for a classic A-line skirt that can be paired with a plain shirt- as the skirt can take the whole attention to itself.


I wrote an entire post on teddy coats so I will keep it short while you can take a peek at How & Where to Find Best Teddy Coats. With teddy textile clothing piece I would recommend to size up. You will have enough room to move around and wear thick sweaters underneath.


Velvet is a luxurious material that does not need much support from the rest of the outfit as it looks shiny on its own. It can still be dressed down, even if it is associated with evening looks. So instead of a velvet cocktail dress, go for a blazer and wear it in the office.


Classic winter option in clothing is knitwear. Big options are anything from cardigans, dresses and sweaters to scarves and hats. Easily the most favourable pieces to wear to cosy up and keep the chill away. You can pair the rest of the look simple as knitwear can be bulky and therefore already a centerpiece.

Which textiles do you look for in winter clothing?

Thank you for reading, xx Maja


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