5 Steps To Style a Leopard Print For Beginners

Favourite animal print is back in the fashion game and if you do not have at least one item in this print in your wardrobe, I hope this post will spark up a wish to get one soon. Leopard can be a bit intimidating especially for not the most daring out there. Let me ensure you that there are easy steps you can follow to style the leopard print and not go overboard if you are a beginner or not.

A basic piece.

Rightfully, it would be better to say it is exact opposite of basic but you will understand it in a bit. Leopard screams for attention and if you consider it as a basic clothing, you can style it just the same. Build an outfit around it- get your jeans out, your blazer and a leopard blouse underneath.

Eye-catching details.

Just as with any new item you wish to experiment with, accessories are the best options to test the new (old) fashion trend. How much do you want to expose it to the eyes of the curious fashion lovers, is up to you. Try wearing a neck scarf or over-the-shoulder bag.

Is that leopard?

The classic leopard print that is usually seen in neutral colours, comes now in many others such as greens or reds. Perhaps this might tempt you to wear it more often as it doesn’t strike as leopard right away.

Easy way in.

Just as accessories, the next easiest way to wear leopard, is to focus on your feet- or more precisely- shoes. No matter how monochromatic the rest of your outfit is, leopard shoes will bring life to anything you wear.

If you are ready to spice up your look, you can style leopard along with other prints. Try to go for stripes or checks or zebra print- black and white goes amazingly well with neutral notes.

Do you have any tips for wearing leopard print you wish to share? Let me know.

Thank you for reading, Maja



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