How To Organize Your Time And Do Everything On Your Daily Agenda

Do you ever come back home at the end of the day and realize you only have an hour left before bedtime? Is your list of daily things only stretching further on? And you have not got even a minute to get a decent, home-made meal for dinner? While your list may or may not look scary, you can follow a few steps to organize your time and yes, even get a time off.

Organize your time: priorities

If you are a busy gal, I believe you have a list of things that take a great deal of energy. To relieve yourself from worrying about everything you need to do that day, get a pen and paper and write the tasks down. Highlight those that are a) urgent, b) on the way and c) just not that important. Make sure urgent tasks are done first, then the rest.

Energy consuming

Urgent tasks usually empty our batteries. Decide if you do them better by taking some time off between them and do some smaller things in between. Maybe knowing these nuisances are behing you is your reward so you do them all in one go. Everyone has its way of dealing with different tasks.

On the way

Everytime I get off work I pass the area of town that is often helpful for most of my chores. Because whenever I need something done, I can stop there for a while. It can be either to grab a book or get tickets, or meet up with friends but at a spot that is conventient to all of us.

Not very important

Not relevant does not mean you can just let it go. If something else takes up most of your time, you will not feel sorry or guilty about leaving it for the next day. For example, buying a gift for a birthday that is weeks away or making a hair appointment. Yes, it can wait an extra day before you get a fixed date unless you burned all your hair, then fix it pronto.

It is up to you to follow things routinely and strive for tasks you can check off your list. With good time management you will be surprised to find spare time for… Well, yourself.

Do you have any tips on how you categorize tasks or push yourself to do things?

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