New Spring Fashion Trends To Enhance Your Closet With

The spring season is just behind the corner and to get a good start with new trends, I have created a simple dive-in read for starters. Detailed post on spring fashion trends will be up on the blog soon so stick around.

Spring fashion trend: one piece, many looks

I actually fully support options where fashion meets practicality. Naturally, you can wear one shirt many ways but pieces that are already made to be worn several ways without trying to brainstorm how to create a different use of an item, is a win-win for both manufacturer/designer and a consumer. This spring fashion trend makes styling easy. Blazer dresses are a good example. Day look from the office can be transformed into an evening attire without changing much, a handbag and/or shoes perhaps.

Effortless look

Looking great in an outfit you put together in only five minutes is… a miracle? Not really. Preparing an outfit a day before and getting dressed the next morning does not count here, no cheating. With pieces such as jeans, poplin shirt and cowboy boots your outfit will amaze even though it took an actual minute to pull it out of your closet.


Navy inspired spring fashion trend comes not only in typical forms such as t-shirts, cigarette toursers and loafers but in accessories as scarves, sailor caps and berets and ocean- inspired jewelry. I am already dreaming of golden pair of starfish earrings.

Are you excited to leave puffed jackets behind and dive into lighter clothes?

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